One of the key objectives of this program is to develop communities around the individuals. We see tourism as a major opportunity for athletes to transition into in all the regions we intend on operating. We hope to bring attention to the fantastic experiences within these regions and that will hopefully convert into revenue for local tourism operators and create jobs for the local communities.


Once considered a premier Caribbean tourism destination, Haiti has endless coastlines of beautiful beaches, fantastic mountain hikes and is rich in history and culture. La Citadelle in the north is the Caribbean's premier castle, built by Henri Christophe just after Haiti gained independence in 1804 and Ile a Vache in the south is on par with any beach in the world. Port au Prince and Cap Haitien have a unique blend of French and African culture that combine to make the unique Haitian creole culture that exists today. Everywhere in between you can find delicious organic fruit and vegetables grown in Haiti's extremely fertile soil and it's easy to have a lobster cooked on the fire on the beach under the stars.

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