the business model

100 Rounds is a vehicle to teach kids sport and all the psychological and physical benefits that comes with it. We have some objectives outside of the physical training elements.

  1. We want to create sustainable change and assist local businesses.
  2. We want to provide real value to our customers in exchange for their money. 
  3. We will be completely transparent with the operation including making all financials and plans public.

The founder, Ranald Schulz is based in Miami and manages the business remotely with the boxing team on the ground in Port au Prince. We utilize standardized training programs that can be implemented by the club manager and coaches if necessary. It is intended that each club would have one manager and two coaches and initially hold training sessions twice per week. 

We seek partnerships with gyms and sporting clubs to provide second-hand equipment for use in each club. 

100 Rounds generates revenue through the following methods:

  1. Annual memberships.
  2. Sponsorships.
  3. Revenue sharing partnerships
  4. Sale of merchandise.